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Hello—I’m Gianna! Originally from a small town in Northern California, I moved up to Portland, OR, with my dog Teddie in 2017 to attend Portland State University for Graphic Design. Since then, I’ve spent four fantastic years in the design program, and graduated in June of 2021 with my BFA!

If I could mush together all of the key things that led me here to Portland for design into a single timeline, I think it would be: learning how to scrapbook with my Mom as a kiddo → starting a club & designing two yearbooks for my middle school → becoming really involved in my high school’s Maker scene → enrolling in PSU’s design program → ??? For the longer version, my resume is available upon request! 

When it comes to design, I’m interested in generating community through printed media, finding the intersection between fun and functional, and trying my hand at using unconventional materials—those were always my favorite Project Runway episodes!

To get in touch, please feel free to send me a message via email, Instagram, or LinkedIn